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Don’t get caught out with a flat battery when you go to start your vehicle.

The battery and electrical system are the heart of your car. The battery starts your engine and powers your lights, wipers, windows and other accessories. If you can’t start your car, it could be your battery, your starter or the charging system. Call us today at Midas Darra to diagnose the problem and for any required bookings.

Today’s vehicles require much more from the battery; they not only provide energy to the starting system but they are vital for on board systems and accessories.

Many vehicles now use Stop/Start technology to maximise engine fuel efficiency, increasing demand on battery performance.

A Midas free check here at Midas Darra will test your car battery’s health & the charge rate of the electrical system charging your battery; our technicians can quickly confirm if a starting problem is the battery or another component in your vehicle’s electrical system.

We use licenced environmental partners to ensure used batteries are recycled and hazardous materials are correctly disposed of.

All Midas batteries come with our National Guarantee for peace of mind.

Midas Darra carries the following brands of batteries to suit your car, bike or 4WD.